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This major release delivers many new features, significant database schema changes, and lots of bug fixes.


Major New Features

Scalability Features

Developer Features

Deployment/Operations Features

Bug Fixes

See OWA's Trac 1.5.0 Milestone

Changes Since 1.5.0rc3

See 1.5.0-final in Trac

Changes Since 1.5.0rc2

See 1.5.0rc3 in Trac

If you are updating from 1.5.0rc2 you must re-run the base.007 schema update from the command line using:

/your/path/to/php5 php cli.php cmd=update apply=base.007 --force

Changes Since 1.5.0rc1

See 1.5.0rc2 in Trac

Known Issues

Backwards Incompatible Changes



See the installation page for how to install OWA for the first time.


This release contains significant database schema changes. See the updating page for more details on how to upgrade your existing OWA instance.

This release is dependent on applying the base.007 and base.008 schema updates. The base.007 update adds a significant number of new columns to all fact tables. If your tables contain a large number of rows, this update could take a long time to apply so be prepared.

Upgrading from Prior 1.5.0 RC or SVN Trunk

If you are upgrading from a prior 1.5.0 release candidate or from SVN trunk pulled during the 1.5.0 development cycle you MUST re-apply the base.007 update using the following command:

php cli.php cmd=update apply=base.007 --force

Once that update is complete you need to apply the 'base.008 update which you can do by using the following command:

php cli.php cmd=update apply=base.008
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