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This release fixes a number of bugs found in 1.2.1 and introduces new and improved event queuing features that allow OWA to scale in high traffic volume environments.

New Features

  1. Flat File Event Queueing - this mode allows OWA to avoid writing to the database during a tracking session. Instead tracking events are written to a local flat file where they can then be processed at a later time by a scheduled process.
  1. Remote Event Queueing - this mode allows OWA to post it's tracking events to another instance of OWA for processing. The second instance of OWA could be running as a separate local php process or on a remote server. This allows for multi-process and multi-server configurations where OWA's event tracking is performed by one set of resources/servers and processing/logging is done by another.
See event queueing for complete details on how configure your instance.

Bug Fixes

See OWA's Trac 1.2.2 Milestone

Backwards Incompatible Changes


See the installation page for how to install OWA for the first time.


This release does not contain any database changes from the last release so normal upgrade procedures apply. See the updating page for more details on how to upgrade your existing OWA instance.

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